Friday, August 30, 2013

More on Why I am Doing This

This is for the people making comments about the lactation rooms. I hope Sinclair reads it as well. If this is of no interest to you, then keep scrolling! I know not everyone is going to agree with me and that is just fine. However, I would like to clear a few things up :)  First, this is not just for me. This is for other breastfeeding moms who have had to struggle to find a place to go to in a reasonable amount of time to pump. I am so glad it was not a problem for some of you! You are lucky because I know other women besides myself that have had the same issues I am having.  Also this is not a breastfeeding in public issue. I am grateful and appreciative of the fact that Sinclair has opened up the faculty lactation room to students but I am requesting more and if you read on, you will find out why.

Next, someone mentioned I was requesting a pumping area in every room.  Of course it would be ridiculous to have a pumping area in every room! That would probably cause distraction as well. If they meant building, then yes, there should be a room in every building because every woman has a different pumping schedule to abide by. Their body governs that. Because of this, it might not be feasible to walk across campus to the only lactation room available and walk back to class. For someone who has never had to pump or breastfeed, I know it can be kind of hard to understand.  Also, finding an empty room or closet in each building should really not be that difficult for Sinclair. If it is, then by all means, they can contact me and let me know why and maybe we can brainstorm together a better solution!

I notice some comments mentioning that I should of just spoke up and asked the administration for help. Thank you for that suggestion but I already tried that and that is exactly why all of this is happening.
To those of you saying that I should “take care of my responsibilities” and then come back to school, I really appreciate your suggestion and your efforts in trying to find a different solution for me! But do you not think continuing my education is the responsible thing to do? Again, my point is that a breastfeeding mother does not have to take a break from school if she has the support from them. She also does not have to quit breastfeeding! No sacrifices have to be made just because someone chooses to have a child.
The cost issue seems to be a big concern for everyone. It should be! I don’t think it should come out of student’s pockets. However, I fail to see how this will cost any money, and if it does cost money, then again, I would love to sit down with Sinclair and brainstorm ideas on how we can raise money to help. There are grants out there and I’m sure fundraising could help as well. Everyone supports the “PINK” breast cancer research campaign so I am sure we can find people willing to support the breasts intended function as well.

In regards to tarnishing Sinclair’s name; that was and still is not my goal. Sinclair is a great school and I enjoy coming here. I appreciate that they have opened up the faculty lactation room for the students. That is a great step. I think Sinclair offers a lot of opportunities for people out there. They cater to a demographic of mostly adults; many of whom are mothers. They also offer many degrees in the medical field. They should be well aware of the benefits of breastfeeding and the importance it has on mothers and children. Those two facts combine leave me to wonder why this is even an issue. Sinclair has an opportunity to set an example for other colleges around the area and even around the country.

In brief, I want Sinclair to recognize the need for more lactation rooms and start to work toward that goal. I would also like to see Sinclair post information about these lactation rooms so women that need them, can easily find them.

For those of you that want to personally attack me, I understand that it might make you feel better but I have nothing to say to you. It shows a lot about your character and I don’t feel the need to fight back against your poor judgment.

I am not looking for a lawsuit. I am not looking for money. I am looking for change. If you are a woman who pumps and is OK with pumping in a bathroom or their car, then keep doing it. I am doing this for those of us that do care.

Side Note: This is not going to be over until there are some real efforts being made. Why do the bare minimum? There will soon be a Facebook page, a Blog and YouTube Channel that focuses on this cause specifically. Stay tuned!

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